Do you take insurance?

We do not take insurance and are out-of-network with all insurance companies. We provide our patients with in-home, hour long, individualized appointments, which we would not be able to do based on rates insurance companies are willing to pay for physical therapy services currently. Our mission at Glow PT and Wellness is to give each patient highly skilled, individualized, and convenient physical therapy services so you get better faster. We want to make sure that each treatment session is focused on you and your needs, and not the insurance company’s.

However, a superbill can be created for your visits if requested. This superbill can be submitted to your insurance for possible reimbursement, depending on your insurance. Each insurance company and plan is different, so it is your responsibility to check what your out-of-network benefits are.

you’ll really come to my house?

Yes! I found that a lot of times, just getting to an appointment can be a barrier for some patients, especially in LA! Just because you are a busy woman, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to take care of yourself. At Glow PT, we wanted to make sure everyone is able to receive the physical therapy services they need, without having to worry about spending extra hours driving to/from appointments.

what kind of space do i need for PT treatment?

All you need is a little bit of room for a portable massage table to fit. Being in LA, a lot of my patients live in apartments and I have never had an issue finding space for us to work.

where are you located?

For in-office visits, I am located inside the Berlin Wellness Center, located at 6221 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 518, Los Angeles, CA 90048. I am there Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7am-2pm. Please call the office at (323) 549-0700 to make an appointment with me there.

For in-home visits, I travel anywhere within a 15 mile radius of 90048. If you are located outside this radius, contact me and we can definitely work something out.

Any other questions that need answering?