Prepping for Schlepping

In honor of my new specialty Well Momma Sessions, I’m writing about one of the aspects that we can cover in the Well Momma Prenatal Session —> Prepping for Schlepping.

Your new baby will probably weigh somewhere between 6-10 lbs, but everything you need to also take with you?? Diaper bag + car seat + stroller + baby carrier + purse = mayhem and sore bodies.

I want to teach you new Mommas-to-be how to avoid creating injuries by showing you the best practices for “the schlepping”. In this blog post, we’ll cover the big one: lifting and putting down. To see some videos of the techniques I describe below, check out my Instagram post (you should check it out anyway if you want to see the love of my life, my dog, Gatsby! Sorry hubby)

Lifting the baby:

  1. Out of the bassinet/bed: make yourself parallel to your baby so that you are looking straight into those sweet little eyes without having to twist your neck/body. Hint: your instinct will be to stand perpendicular (at a right angle to) to your baby and the bassinet/bed, but this means you have to twist your body towards the baby to pick him or her up. Standing parallel to your baby, bend at your knees and your hips to bring your torso as close to your baby as possible with as little rounding of the back as possible. Scoop the little bundle of joy up and bring him or her close to your chest BEFORE standing upright.

  2. Off the ground: assume a kneeling or half-kneeling position parallel to your baby. Bend at the hips to bring your torso as close as possible to the baby with as little rounding of the back as possible. Scoop your baby up and bring him or her close to your chest BEFORE standing upright.

**Coordination of the breath with lifting —> rule of thumb always is INHALE to PREPARE, EXHALE with the EFFORT. So, when lifting up, inhale as you bend forward and exhale as you lift the baby close to you and stand up. This ensures no undue pressure downwards onto the pelvic floor or onto a DRA (Diastasis Rectus Abdominis).

Putting the baby back down:

In both cases, perform the same actions, but in reverse order. The key is to keep the baby close to your chest as you’re bending down so your arms and shoulders don’t have to work so hard!

**Coordination of breath with putting the baby back down —> the EFFORT this time is controlling the descent of the baby back down onto a surface. So, you’ll be inhaling as you’re bending forward and exhaling as you extend your arms and place the baby down.

In a Well Momma Session - Prenatal, we will review these techniques as well as:

  • Best Labor/Delivery Positions for You

  • Perineal Massage

  • More Prepping for Schlepping (car seats and strollers and babywearing oh my!)

  • Safe and Gentle Exercises That Can Be Performed in the First Few Weeks Postpartum

  • Other Concerns You May Have

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Delivering a baby is a marathon, train appropriately